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Beef Tartar $14

Diced filet mignon topped with a scotch egg

Yellow Tuna Carpaccio $14

Sliced yellow fin tuna with orange sauce, jalapeños, and micro greens

Fried Calamari  $13

Graham cracker crust with sweet and spicy pickled peppers

Burrata $15

Imported burrata with truffle honey, prosciutto di Parma, roasted peppers ,and asparagus

Gloria’s Grilled Vegetable Platter $15

Gloria Swanson’s healthy dish

Bluepoint Oysters $15

Half dozen oysters on half shell

Salads & Soups

Kale Salad $10

Baby kale, herbed parmigiano croutons, pears, pickled carrots, tossed in a lemon vinaigrette

Traditional Caesar For Two Made Tableside $20

Made the right way

Studio Shrimp Delight  $18

Iceberg wedge topped with jumbo shrimp, endive filled with shrimp salad, surrounded with avocado and tomatoes dressed in lemon parmigiano dressing

French Onion Soup $10

French onion soup served studio style with onion toast and gruyère cheese

White Chocolate Cauliflower Soup $13

with mini vegetable ravioli


Valentino’s Pasta $25

Six foot long fresh spaghetti with Italian sausage, mushrooms and Valentino’s own tomato sauce recipe

Tony Bennett Lasagna $22

Based on his mothers recipe

Veal Chop Paillard $35

Pounded double cut veal chop topped with sauteed mushroom medley

Coca Cola Pork Chop $28

Coca Cola marinated Berkshire pork chop with grilled baby fennel, roasted apples and herbed spätzle

T-Bone Steak $35

Scalloped potatoes, hericot vert and baby carrots

Crab Cakes $38

Colossal lump crab cakes with fresh Horseradish sauce, truffle fries and coleslaw

Halibut $35

Parmigiano Crusted filet of Halibut, with lemon basil sauce

Seafood Risotto $30

Jumbo Shrimp, dry sea scallops, clams, calamari and Spanish saffron

Groucho Duck $30

Long Island Duck Breast with reduced port wine, sweet potato puree and wild Swedien lingoberries sauce

Chicken Martini $28

Organic chicken breast, battered with permigiano cheese and Panko bread crumbs in a white wine lemon sauce with artichoke hearts and green peas

Brick Chicken $28

Amish Organic chicken with fingerling potatoes, broccoli, and orange veal reduction.

The George Burger $18

8oz brisket and chuck burger, gruyère cheese, portobello cap, mustard aioli, coleslaw and truffle fries

Hayley’s Burger $18

Back by popular demand. 8oz brisket and chuck burger, Cajun spiced bacon, fresh mozzarella, coleslaw and truffle fries


Georges Portobello fries $10
Truffle Pommes frites $8
Mom’s Scalloped Potatoes $8
Grilled asparagus with parmigiano $10
Creamed spinach $10


Escape the city tonight and indulge your inner old-Hollywood with live jazz music and a gourmet menu riddled with nods to the movie greats, including Rudolph Valentino’s famously beloved six-foot spaghetti noodle and red sauce. As George’s makes its debut, be sure to make a reservation and ensure your entertainment for the evening.

George’s at Kaufman Studios


“A Socially Acceptable Way to Start Partying at Breakfast”
Jaison Williams
George’s at Kaufman Studios

Dinner Menu

“The Only Thing I like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating It”
John Walters
George’s at Kaufman Studios


“Cocktails & Laughter, but What Comes After?”
Noël Coward


Dry Aged Prime Ribeye Steak

Hasselback potato, haricot vert and baby carrots


Crab Cakes

Colossal lump crab cakes with fresh Horseradish sauce, truffle fries and coleslaw





My Sin

(1931) House-made clementine vodka, jasmine green tea,house made ginger syrup.


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