Let’s face it, New York is magical no matter the time of the year, but with the holidays approaching, the magic is getting more palpable every day. The sheer amount of things to do can feel overwhelming, so we’ve picked top 5 New York City events in December you just might be interested in.

  1. The Always Enchanting Ice-Skating at Bryant Park

    It might sound old-fashioned, but ice skating in the open is one of the most fundamental wintertime activities that always get your heart racing, and fill your belly with laughter, especially if one of the people in your group is new to it!

    Just like every year, Bryant Park is opening its Winter Village. You’ll be able to skate to your heart’s content in The Rink, roam around Holiday Shops, and fill your stomachs at the food hall. The Winter Village is open until January 2nd, so make sure to drop by and experience a little bit of winter magic.

  2. The Nutcracker version 1

  3. The Nutcracker version 2

    Tchaikovsky’s perhaps most famous work, and definitely most winter-ish, is The Nutcracker, and this year you can catch 2 electrifying interpretations.

    Company XIV brings you Nutcracker Rouge. Called “the greatest holiday homage ever” by the Huffington Post, McCormick’s reimagining of the classic tale brings eroticism, sensuality, and opulence on the stage, as our ever-favorite tale unfurls.

    Kings Theatre, on the other hand, brings you a modern version of The Nutcracker. Hip Hop Nutcracker is an urban dance retelling of the age-old tale. With dance choreographed by Jenifer Weber, Kurtis Blow as special guest MC, an on-stage DJ, digital backgrounds and an electric violinist, this version of the Nutcracker is perfect for those who want to experience a modern beat. As per the New York Times, it’s “sure to heat up even the most restless and wintry of souls.”

  4. Unsilent Night

    Phil Kline will lead a procession of boomboxes from the West to the East Village in this year’s Unsilent Night. The whole event is described as a public sound sculpture – it’s created when a large number of people simultaneously play the same track.

    What you need to do to take part in this blast of sound is bring a boombox (Phil Kline will, however, provide a limited number of boomboxes from his private collection), or whatever device you use, download one of the tracks (in case you want a cassette, you’ll need to contact one of the organizers), and show up at the arch in Washington Square Park, on Sunday, December 16th.

  5. SantaCon

    In case you not only want to feel the December magic but also be a part of it, you might want to put on a red suit and ho-ho-ho through the streets on December 8th. Just like every year, SantaCon is committed to spreading the holiday cheer.

    To participate, you need to deck out in a Santa suit – wearing only a hat won’t cut it. However, if you’re not the Santa type, you can be an elf, a dreidel, or really anything that fits the theme of the December holidays. You’ll also need proof of donation to this year’s charity drive – SantaCon is all about goodwill and cheer, after all. The starting point of the event is announced only the night before, so make sure to check out SantaCon Facebook page.

These are only 5 of the many magical NYC December events you can explore in this winter. We at George’s are working hard on our own magic, too – we bring you the taste and feel of Old New York, the time when the great film stars of old Hollywood walked our streets.

If you’re up for a delicious meal and some movie-magic atmosphere, drop by for a holiday feast!