The Longest Running Broadway Musical – Chicago!

//The Longest Running Broadway Musical – Chicago!
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Longest running Broadway musical, Chicago is making a comeback! You can expect the 2019 revival to deliver the same timeless story plus the singing and dancing and acting that are, well … all that Jazz. As the longest-running American Broadway musical, Chicago returns with a performance some critics are saying is even better than the original. Today, if you want to see the most well-known and beloved Broadway show, Chicago the Musical, the 2019 revival makes it possible.

As one of the most awarded Broadway musicals of all time, Chicago is the proud winner of six Tonys, two Oliviers, one Grammy, two Baftas and six Academy Awards. The musical has been seen by an estimated 31 million people in over 32,500 performances and today, Chicago the Musical revival brings a tribute to this sensational show. If you have never seen the legendary Broadway musical, take this opportunity to see the show. Based on 1926 original created by John Kander (music), Fred Ebb (book/lyrics) and Bob Fosse (co-author, original director and choreographer) the story is still based on the 1926 Broadway play written by Maurine Dallas Watkins. The journalist from the Chicago Tribune actually covered sensationalized trials of two different women accused of killing their lovers while under the influence of jazz (and alcohol of course).

Chicago the Musical: A Synopsis

If you have never had the pleasure of watching, Chicago the Musical, here is a quick breakdown of the storyline. It all begins with Roxy Hart’s dreams of being a vaudeville star. However, in one passionate fit of rage after seeing her husband with another woman she murders him (Amos Hart) and receives a death row sentence.

It’s here on death row that Roxy meets Velma Kelly. This prisoner along with others, including Matron Morton (Mama) trade favors on the inside while Roxy works to manipulate Amos to hire superstar lawyer (Billy Flynn) to release her.

The story is a Broadway classic that today is bringing back the best in musicals as a revival. So, don’t miss your chance to take in Chicago the Musical version 2.0 in 2019.

Chicago the Musical: A Broadway Revival

The original Broadway smash hit returns after 11 years with this seductive revival. Chicago the Musical revival features show leads Samantha Peo (Cabaret, West Side Story, Strictly Come Dancing) and Ilse Klink (Mamma Mia!, Show Boat, Isidingo), as well as Craig Urbani (Sound of Music, Rock of Ages, Scandal) and Jonathan Roxmouth (Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Sweeney Todd).

Produced by Showtime Management in association with Barry & Fran Weissler and David Ian, Chicago the Musical revival includes a combination of South African talent along with other international creative associate director Tania Nardini and Gary Chryst. And to top it off, award-winning musical director Bryan Schimme (Jersey Boys, Annie, Priscilla) leads an 11-piece orchestra to soothe your soul with sultry, stylish jazz ensembles. The production has already successfully dazzled South African audiences.

“We are delighted to have most of the original company for our return, and I believe the tremendous talents of each and every member in the company will take this all-South African production to even greater heights in 2019,” says Hazel Feldman, Chicago’s South African producer.

The sizzling plot and legendary score of Chicago isn’t something you should miss. If you have a taste for enchanting music and intriguing performances by some of the most talented actors, choreographers, musicians and more – take in this show. Chicago the Musical revival 2019 reveals again why, Chicago,is the longest-running musical revival in Broadway history.

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