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December 2018

Morgan Reilly


Born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Morgan Reilly studied voice and piano and spent her time performing with local and regional theater groups starting at the age of 3. From a young age, she knew she was born to perform. In 2015, she took a leap and moved to New York City to focus on [...]

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Amy Rivard


"As a singer, songwriter, and actor from the Great White North, I try to share what’s in my soul. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world with Riverdance, Celtic Woman, Disney, and many others. I’ve lived in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve lived on a cruise ship. I’ve lived in London, England. For the last 8 [...]

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Rosalyn McClore


Born in Memphis, Tenn, Rosalyn McClore is one of the most talented jazz pianists and singers on the east coast. Inspired by Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole, Rosalyn studied with the worlds leading jazz pianists. With tutors like the late Phineas Newborne Jr., she absorbed with acute attention to detail [...]

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November 2018

Taulant Mehmeti


As a youngster in war-torn Kosovo, Taulant Mehmeti amazed local audiences with his songwriting talent and musicianship. Under the mentorship of renowned local jazz guitarist Armend Xhaferi, he developed into a leading jazz player in Kosovo and Albania. Now an active performer on the New York scene, Mehmeti has played, as a leader and a [...]

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September 2018

Food Spotting: George’s


BY EDIBLE QUEENS Gjovalin Nikçi was a high-schooler when he first saw Groucho Marx, in the Marx Brothers film The Cocoanuts. “He was a brilliant, brilliant performer,” Nikçi said. “They didn’t even have to say anything—just their body language.” It ignited a mania that has followed Nikçi throughout his career: Marx’s likeness appeared in the logo [...]

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August 2018

Step Foot Into Old Hollywood at George’s at Kaufman


Astoria is home to some serious movie magic. Productions like Sesame Street, Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie, and Blue Bloods, have all been created right here at Kaufman Astoria Studios. Maybe you’ve heard of the studio itself, but if you haven’t visited George’s restaurant next door at 35-11 35th Ave you’re missing out! George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studios [...]

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June 2018

Mochi and Pastries by Day, Cocktails by Night in the West Village


By Florence Fabricant Headliner LA MAISON DE MAKOTO This dessert shop and lounge, LMDM for short, was announced with some fanfare last fall as Philippe Conticini, the Parisian chef and baker, was to be involved. No more. The owners, Andrea Rodrik, a 21-year-old Swiss-Turkish entrepreneur who has strong opinions about fine baked goods, and the consultant Omar [...]

Mochi and Pastries by Day, Cocktails by Night in the West Village2018-06-14T15:12:47+00:00

May 2018

Simotas, Maloney Celebrate Women’s History


By Queens Gazette On Friday, May 11, New York State Assembly Member Aravella Simotas and Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney hosted their annual luncheon to celebrate Women’s History and to honor three exceptional local women for their commitment to community service. The celebration, which was held at George’s restaurant at Kaufman Astoria Studios, was attended [...]

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Lonely Planet Review of George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studios


By Lonely Planet Our Review Secreted away inside the Kaufman Astoria Studios, this classy dining room and bar serves up high-end comfort fare (short ribs stroganoff, fried chicken with baby bok choy, crab cakes). If you're not up for a meal, however, it's worthwhile stopping by the bar to soak up the 1920s atmosphere, while lingering [...]

Lonely Planet Review of George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studios2018-05-15T11:41:02+00:00

Visit the Ghosts of W.C. Fields & Rudolph Valentino – George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studios


By NYC The Official Guide The ghosts of W.C. Fields, Lillian Gish, and Rudolph Valentino inhabit Kaufman Astoria Studios - if you believe in such things. The massive facility was a center of production during the silent-film era and churned out propaganda reels during World War II when the military bought it. Since the 1970s, [...]

Visit the Ghosts of W.C. Fields & Rudolph Valentino – George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studios2018-05-15T11:36:54+00:00
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