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December 2018

Rosalyn McClore


Born in Memphis, Tenn, Rosalyn McClore is one of the most talented jazz pianists and singers on the east coast. Inspired by Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole, Rosalyn studied with the worlds leading jazz pianists. With tutors like the late Phineas Newborne Jr., she absorbed with acute attention to detail [...]

Rosalyn McClore2018-12-03T18:53:25+00:00

November 2018

Taulant Mehmeti


As a youngster in war-torn Kosovo, Taulant Mehmeti amazed local audiences with his songwriting talent and musicianship. Under the mentorship of renowned local jazz guitarist Armend Xhaferi, he developed into a leading jazz player in Kosovo and Albania. Now an active performer on the New York scene, Mehmeti has played, as a leader and a [...]

Taulant Mehmeti2018-11-30T16:53:20+00:00

New York City Events in December 2018


Let’s face it, New York is magical no matter the time of the year, but with the holidays approaching, the magic is getting more palpable every day. The sheer amount of things to do can feel overwhelming, so we’ve picked top 5 New York City events in December you just might be interested in. The [...]

New York City Events in December 20182018-11-30T13:35:49+00:00

Female Entrepreneur Revolutionaries in the Jazz Age


Jazz is a room filled with bluish smoke, stolen kisses, women in flapper dresses, the band twisting music into the magic that curls and coils, and caresses our hearts until we all fall blissfully into its rhythms. Women in the jazz age were flappers, shameless, and happy, and as inexorable as a thunderstorm in July, [...]

Female Entrepreneur Revolutionaries in the Jazz Age2018-12-05T18:17:41+00:00

The Secret and History of Steak Tartare


It’s not often we wonder about how our delicious meals came to be, but some do deserve notice. Steak tartare history is one of the many food stories that do deserve our attention. The History of Steak Tartare Steak tartare’s history is partly a myth. Legend has it that the dish was first made of [...]

The Secret and History of Steak Tartare2018-11-21T13:14:26+00:00

September 2018

The Most Iconic Movies and Famous Movie Scenes in NYC


Of the numerous iconic New York movies, here is a list of our personal favorite scenes. Follow along to see which scenes you can recognize, and which films need to be put on the list for immediate review. Here are 9 Most Famous Movie Scenes in NYC: 1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) If Breakfast at [...]

The Most Iconic Movies and Famous Movie Scenes in NYC2018-10-04T16:28:07+00:00

How to Make the Best Eggs Benedict – According to Top Michelin Chefs


Michelin stars are the ultimate prize for aspiring and long-time chefs, alike. They mark a true test of culinary skill, a reputable kitchen to cook in and amongst many expertise on the coveted list of capabilities: the secret to world-class eggs benedict. Creating the perfect poached egg can be strenuous but upon completion, it is [...]

How to Make the Best Eggs Benedict – According to Top Michelin Chefs2018-10-04T16:10:09+00:00

Food Spotting: George’s


BY EDIBLE QUEENS Gjovalin Nikçi was a high-schooler when he first saw Groucho Marx, in the Marx Brothers film The Cocoanuts. “He was a brilliant, brilliant performer,” Nikçi said. “They didn’t even have to say anything—just their body language.” It ignited a mania that has followed Nikçi throughout his career: Marx’s likeness appeared in the logo [...]

Food Spotting: George’s2018-09-18T14:35:14+00:00

A Brief New York Pizza History


Pizza has been having a moment, especially since social media has made possible its constant forefront on the minds of so many millennials on any given day of the week. What makes the simple slice of heaven so pervasive in today’s culture? Actually, popularity is nothing new when it comes to pizza. The pepperoni paparazzi [...]

A Brief New York Pizza History2018-10-04T16:06:12+00:00

August 2018

Step Foot Into Old Hollywood at George’s at Kaufman


Astoria is home to some serious movie magic. Productions like Sesame Street, Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie, and Blue Bloods, have all been created right here at Kaufman Astoria Studios. Maybe you’ve heard of the studio itself, but if you haven’t visited George’s restaurant next door at 35-11 35th Ave you’re missing out! George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studios [...]

Step Foot Into Old Hollywood at George’s at Kaufman2018-08-08T14:51:13+00:00
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