Astoria Street Fairs in June & July 2018

//Astoria Street Fairs in June & July 2018
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New York street fairs include all of the best things the city has to offer. The warm summer months create ideal conditions for taking in the sights, sounds and of course the weather of New York’s outdoors. In Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Astoria, pedestrians of all kinds including meanderer’s, strollers and gawkers take in amusing scenes that can include rare arts and crafts, antiques, plants along with entertainers, musicians, games and more.

The streets of New York are truly spectacular during the hot days of summer and Astoria Street Fairs are the best way to soak them up. Known to offer festivals you can’t find anywhere else, Astoria Street Fairs are held throughout the entire summer and each one of them is different. In honor of the upcoming days, weeks and months of wonderful warm summer New York weather, mark your calendar with these events.

Best Street Fairs in Astoria for June & July 2018

Saturday & Sundays June 9-10, July 7-8

LIC Flea & Food

11am – 6pm

5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City

Organizer: LIC Flea & Food

Date TBD in June

St. Antonio Abate Annual Street Festival

5pm start time on Thursday

Ditmars from 35th Street to 38 Streets, Astoria

Organizer: St. Antonio Abate Fraternal Society of Castrofilippo

Sunday, June 3

Queens Pridefest

10am – 6pm

37th Road from 73rd to 77th Streets, Jackson Heights

Organizer: Queens Lesbian And Gay Pride Committee

Sunday, June 24

Greenpoint Ave “Sunnyside” Festival

10am – 6pm

Greenpoint Avenue from 42nd to 48th Streets, Sunnyside

Organizer: Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside

Sunday, July 8

Broadway Astoria Festival

10am – 6pm

Broadway from Steinway to 47th Street, Astoria

Organizer: 114th Precinct Civilian Observation Patrol           

Dates TBD in July

St. Irene Festival

5pm start on Thursday – 11pm on Sunday

23rd Avenue from 35th Street to 37th Street, Astoria

Organizer: Sacred Patriarchal Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou

Sunday, July 26

Noon – 6 pm

130th Avenue between 29th and 41st Streets, Astoria

Organizer: Friends of Community Board

Sunday, July 29

30th Avenue Astoria Festival

10am – 6pm

30th Avenue from Steinway to 29th Street, Astoria

Organizer: Friends of Community Board 1

Traveling to NYC for Astoria Street Fairs

As street fair season returns, native New Yorkers and visitors are already feeling the excitement. It may take a little time to adjust your travel plans to include Astoria Street Fairs so use this schedule of festivals in June and July to make your travel plans now.

While these events return every summer, this year is your year to make memories that will last a lifetime for everyone in the family. Then, you can return to bring back the warm memories of summers spent at Astoria Street Fairs and the surrounding areas. Each year, you can continue to take in new sights, sounds, and foods which may include everything from blended fruit smoothies to souvlaki!

Don’t miss out on the best Astoria Street Fairs of 2018. Traveling to New York may be expensive, depending on where you live but over time it’s easy to set aside a budget for traveling to New York – if you plan ahead. So, why not start planning now?

Visiting Astoria Street Fairs is something you’ll never forget, so don’t wait to start planning your trip. If you have never seen the vibrantly colored vendor trucks, breathed in the thick, rich smells of street food and felt the warm breezes, make this year the year you experience the magic only New York City can offer.

There are also many other ways to check out New York Street Fairs. From Brooklyn to the Bronx you can expect something different in each environment. So, go ahead and plan to stroll for a few hours or even stay for days. The streets are always bustling with people from the crosswalks to the curbs during the street fair season in New York.  

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