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Formerly the Astor Room, George’s Hollywood restaurant and a live jazz restaurant, tips its hat to the late George S. Kaufman, founder of the Kaufman Astoria Studio. The vintage restaurant has opened its doors to New Yorkers and invites you to soak up old Hollywood with new interiors, a new movie-inspired menu and a distantly familiar yet entirely new identity.

George’s maintains its character from its previous presence as the Paramount Pictures commissary space in Queens, to which the Hollywood elite flocked to dine, shoot films and watch movie screenings. Recent films and shows shot at the studio include The Bourne Legacy, Men in Black 3, NBC’s Shades of Blue and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

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Old Hollywood Restaurant

Escape the city tonight and indulge your inner old-Hollywood with live jazz music and a gourmet menu riddled with nods to the movie greats, including Rudolph Valentino’s famously beloved six-foot spaghetti noodle and red sauce. As George’s live jazz restaurant makes its debut, be sure to make a reservation and ensure your entertainment for the evening.

George’s at Kaufman Studios

Dinner Menu

“The Only Thing I like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating It”
John Walters
George’s at Kaufman Studios


“Cocktails & Laughter, but What Comes After?”
Noël Coward

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